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Timbercreek Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital/clinic.  We provide preventive medical care and a full array of medical and surgical services for dogs and cats.  

Routine Services:
      Dental Procedures   
Advanced Surgical Procedures:
      Orthopedics and soft tissue surgery
Medical and Diagnostic Services:
      In-house blood testing
      Orthopedic exams
      Testing for internal parasites  
      In some cases, outside laboratories are utilized for advanced internal medicine testing.    

Dental Services
A thorough dental examination is performed each time your pet is evaluated by Timbercreek Animal Hospital.  Findings on the dental exam will be pointed out to you and recommendations and estimates for procedures needed to correct the problem will be given a that time.  We have state of the art dental equipment that allows us to perform routine as well as more specialized dental procedures.  

Conditions of the skin is one of the most common reasons for a pet to visit the veterinarian.  We offer comprehensive dermatological examinations for evaluating conditions such as itching, licking, hair loss, open lesions of the skin and masses on the skin.  Several tests such as skin cytology, tumor cytology, skin scraping, fungal culture for ringworm and occasionally biopsy are utilized and done here in house to determine the cause of your pets skin condition.  New advances in pharmaceutical have made the management of the more common diseases such as skin allergy easier.  

Yearly Wellness Examinations
The most important part of your pet's yearly visit to the veterinarian is a comprehensive physical examination.  Your pet is looked over from head to toe beginning with otoscopic examination of the ears, general ocular exam, oral examination, auscultation of the heart and lungs, palpation of the abdomen and general dermatological exam.  If abnormalities are found other more specific exams may be performed such as an orthopedic and neurological examination.  You will be informed of any abnormalities that are found during the examination and advised of the options we have for further diagnosis and potential treatments of underlying disease.  Part of the yearly evaluation includes a heartworm check, fecal exam for parasites as well as an assessment of which vaccinations your pet needs depending on your pets living environment and lifestyle.  These things are directly related to exposure of certain infectious diseases.  

Advanced Surgical Procedures
We have the equipment and expertise to perform a variety of advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures.  Hopefully your pet will never need to utilize these services we offer but nice to know it is there if you need it.  If a procedure is outside of our expertise you will be readily informed and referred to a specialist we know and trust.  

Internal Medicine
We perform a wide array of diagnostics to evaluate your pet.  We utilize both in house and outside labs for blood work depending on the type and nature of tests needed.  We have modern radiology equipment specially developed for our canine and feline patients that provide superior imaging quality.  This is important because the better the image the better the diagnostic value.  Once a diagnosis is made our team can manage your pets condition and promote your pets over all quality of life.  Once again in certain cases specialist may be readily utilized for specific tests such as MRI if indicated.  

After Hours Emergencies
We are proud to be a part of the Lake Ray Hubbard Emergency Pet Care group.  Dr. Gentry was employed there full time for 3 years prior to opening Timbercreek Animal Hospital and still works there part time.  Hopefully your pet will never need their services but it is nice to know there is a full service hospital that is open and ready to serve if the need arises for care after hours.  You can follow the ER link on this page to view further information or ask the staff at Timbercreek Animal Hospital for a brochure or magnet that gives the location and telephone number at your next visit to our hospital.  
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