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Spay and Neuter Procedures
One of the most common phone calls we field at Timbercreek Animal Hospital is about our spay (ovariohysterectomy) and neuter (castration) procedures.  Although price is the most common question we have we advise that you look at the level of care and monitoring that is given to the patient.  We have made every attempt to keep our prices as low as we can and still offer these much needed services to your pet while undergoing surgery.  
All of our pricing includes the advanced monitoring of your patient under anesthesia stated above (ECG, blood pressure measurement throughout the procedure and pulse oximetry). Gas anesthesia is utilized and your pet will have an endotracheal tube placed.  Pre-operative pain medications are also part of our pricing.  We utilize drugs in the same class as morphine but that last longer (ie Hydromorphone).  We perform a full sterile procedure on all of our surgeries. This is where the patient has a sterile prep of the surgical site, the site is draped off sterile and the surgeon is wearing a surgeons cap, gown, mask and gloves that are sterile.  A nurse is monitoring your pet during the entire procedure for any abnormalities and alerts the doctor if problems arise.  

There are some optional services that we highly recommend. We suggest an IV catheter and IV fluids be given to all patients under anesthesia.  This provides us with emergency access if needed and the IV fluids help in maintaining blood pressure throughout the procedure.  We highly recommend post operative pain medications while the patient is here at the hospital as well as medications to go home with the patient if needed.  It has been shown that wound healing is improved if appropriate pain control is utilized. Preoperative blood work is highly recommended prior to anesthesia to ensure the patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Which tests performed will depend on the age and health status of the patient. The veterinarian will make the recommendations after examining your pet.  
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